Friday, February 13, 2009


per elana's request:

sprouting setup: use a wide-mouth jar of any side with a piece of mesh or cheesecloth stretched over the mouth, secured with a rubber band.

1. fill jar 1/4 way full with whole grains and cover with water. (when grains begin to sprout, they expand)
2. soak for 8-24 hours.
3. drain and discard water
4. rinse the sprouts with fresh water at least twice a day; more often if you think of it. the aim is to keep the sprouts from drying out or molding.
5. you'll know the grains have germinated when you see little tails emerging from them. use them (or dry them) within 2-3 days of germination for maximum sweetness/awesomeness. be sure to keep rinsing the sprouts a least twice a day.

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